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’m Chiara, a copywriter armed with black coffee, a sense of humor, and a diverse portfolio. Chiara is pronounced like chianti and tiara, neither of which reflect me: After graduating a year early, summa cum laude, I moved abroad to semi-rural Thailand where I taught English and studied Muay Thai for nine months.

During that time, I also began blogging. It was the skill that helped me successfully start up Write Away Content and break into the competitive world of freelance writing. My portfolio includes everything from travel articles and SEO landing pages to branding documents for the Nobu, Ritz Carlton, and Destination Hotels.

I know, I know. “Generalist” is pejorative in most circles, but as a deeply curious student of life, it’s a label I embrace. I love engaging with new concepts and communicating them to audiences in a way that appeals to their unique perspectives. It’s why I can start my morning writing a PC gaming review for thousands of viewers. Then, I can end the day with work for a luxury travel trailer company, crafting an email that garners a 35% open rate.

Do those seem wildly different? To me, it all boils down to a delightful game of “what unique combination of words will best serve this client’s needs?”

This is the question I ask going into every project. And it’s one I would love to answer for you.

To your continued success,

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